About Our Beauty Studio

Makeup is a birth right of girls and it gives confidence to them. Makeup is an extension of Expression, Personality and Inner Beauty of a woman. Gunjan singh makeup and hair stylist gives you once in a lifetime experience. Customer friendly services and modern styling techniques makes us unique in this field. I want you to look pretty and classy on your special occasion, for which my premium services, excellence and long experience is always offered.

Usage of latest techniques and highly recommended products handpicked by Gunjan singh makes you feel that quality is never compromised.

Our Treatments

Bridal Makeup

Picking a cosmetics style for your big day is dependent on a couple of various factors, however, the first you need to choose a look that complements your overall wedding theme.

Fantasy Makeup

Fantasy makeup has a much more artistic approach than conventional face cosmetics. Makeup artist  frequently utilizes latex, prosthetic pieces, hair, sparkle and air brushed paint to make their pieces.

Fashion Makeup

Fashion makeup is the most imperative piece of style industry, working with each new trendy picture is a perfect work of art of workmanship by make-up artist, stylist fashioners.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is makeup showered onto the skin utilizing an artificially glamorize as opposed to being connected with wipes, brushes, fingers, or other methods.